EDI for Trading Partner Management

Using the next generation B2B connectivity solution.


Our EDI software solution delivers everything small and mid-size businesses need to effectively implement and maintain EDI from a single source.

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B2BMailbox enables retailers to send orders to vendors in numerous formats, retrieve inventory from drop ship vendors and received advanced ship notifications.

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B2B Integration

With rising demand for efficiency, e-commerce integration has become a reality for many businesses wanting to tap into the power of e-commerce.

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B2BMailbox provides a feature rich easy-to-use solution

All of the out of the box features of B2B Mailbox are easily customizable to fit your business needs.


Send and revieve files via HTTP / HTTPS, SFTP, FTP, FTPS, and AS2

File Parsing

Parse files to business documents: invoices, purchase / sales orders, and shipments

File Rules

Files may undergo a variety of: translations, validations, and mutations

Message Lifecycle

Remove from mailbox after: a number of successful downloads, a certain time interval, some criteria is matched


Support for: X509 certificate management, data is secured and rest and in transit, and industry standard protocol

File Transformations

Setup Rules to Peform: encryption / decryption, compression / decompression, and translation


Visibility and management tools to: track file movements, manage errors, analyze transfer volume

File Routing

Move files between: users, systems, and organizations


Connect with / to: full VAN interconnectivity support, thousands of trading partners, and partner specific maps / file formats

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White Paper - Overcoming Obstacles To B2B Commerce

White Paper - Trading Partner Management

Case Study - PetFlow

Businesses Love B2BMailbox!

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"They are so experienced. They’ve seen so many implementations of these different technologies at different scales of retail that they really understand how to create a customized solution that works for your business. This is a firm that can look at your business, jump into your code, understand what your priorities are and tailor a really customized solution that works for you."

- Michael Lackman, President and COO, PetFlow


"They brought a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise to our team. They factored in what other retailers were doing, best practices, and what they knew about the industry. It will not take long for you to realize they know what they’re talking about; they’re experts, and their team is high quality from top to bottom."

- Mike Starkey, SVP of Information Systems, Performance Bicycle

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